Seks Bomba and your private party
For people who DON'T want THIS!
We have been asked by a number of people, "Do you do weddings?" And during winter we're sometimes asked, "Will you play our company Christmas Party?" And more recently, "Dude, will you rock our keg party?" And the answer of course is, if there are people getting together for a good time, Seks Bomba will provide the aural stimuli required to make your special day last well into the nite! (or something).... For your basic, we-need-a-cool-band kinda party, it's a no-brainer: HIRE US! For weddings, it's not so simple. Seks Bomba has played at a couple dozen weddings and private parties and at each event, it has worked out great. (References are available.) But keep in mind, we're not the perfect band for every occasion (even though one groom said exactly that).

These are the pros and cons of hiring Seks Bomba to play your wedding or holiday party:

Why Bomba:
First of all, we are considered by most to be a "fun" band. On many occasions we've found that people cant stop themselves from getting up on a table and dancing when we play one of our Mancini covers. Perhaps more importantly, we fit the bill for someone wanting a band that is "hip" (meaning, not five stiffs in tuxes whose idea of Rocking Out is "Proud Mary" or "Celebration") but can still play music the older folks will like. It's almost ideal - a band that is modern, high-energy', and fun, yet sophisticated, suave, and appealing. Our repertoire even contains jazz standards and movie classics that Grandma Edna will enjoy.

Why not Bomba:
It's important to remember that much of our repertoire is ORIGINAL MUSIC. This is somewhat unusual. It also means that if Aunt Selma has a request, we probably aint gonna know it. While we certainly will learn several songs of your choice prior to the event, we wont know any wedding "standards" such as Daddy's Little Girl, Sunrise Sunset, The Macaraina etc. etc... (Although Seks Bomba playing the Macaraina has certain possibilities...) On the other hand - you probably dont want that stuff on your wedding anyway, or you wouldn't be considering us in the first place. However, if you want a cover band that will keep the dance floor jumping for hours with a stream of classic rock and R&B, we cant help you.

How much:
Our rates are lower than "professional" wedding bands, but more than clubs pay us. The cost varies based on how long you want us to play for and how far we have to travel. For big parties that are not weddings, we may be talked down to very little money if you can lure us with free food and drink, and the promise of a happening young audience, maybe with folks hanging out by the pool, perhaps with ice cold beverages in their hands etc.

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